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Trippen x Vague


Trippen x VAGUE



At the heart of VAGUE's identity lies a commitment to practicality, functionality, and inclusivity.
VAGUE's creations are a celebration of individuality and creativity, resonating with those who seek attire that goes beyond transient trends, leaving a lasting impact on the wearer and the world. In this collaboration, Trippen's cherished craftsmanship merges with VAGUE's forward-thinking vision, culminating in a collection that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with a progressive outlook. Stay tuned for the unveiling of this extraordinary synergy, where boundaries are reimagined, and fashion is liberated.


"This collection builds on our exploration of transparency,
layering, and movement."

Anuk Yosebashvili




Grigoryants Darya

Evgenii Konstantinov & Alisa Kuzmina